Terms & Conditions

I understand that Bright Union solely acts as intermediary for the coverage offering platform, that I don’t enter into a legal relationship with Bright Union and that Bright Union cannot be held accountable for any claim, loss or damages in relation to the purchased coverage. I do not enter into any relationship with Bright Union in respect of the coverage but solely with the platform offering the coverage, Bright Union aims to ensure that all information displayed on the website is accurate and not misleading (including information provided by third parties, product information, comparison information and all other product related information), but that Bright Union cannot and doesn’t guarantee the accurateness of the information displayed, and that any and all decisions and acts based on the information provided by Bright Union are for my sole risk and account.

Further I understand and agree that I irrevocably and unconditionally:

  • (i) shall hold Bright Union harmless from any claims from the offering platform and its Affiliates in relation to the purchased coverage and any claims related thereto;

  • (ii) agree not to commence or initiate, as well as assist, advise or cooperate with any Person, in any claim, lawsuit or otherwise against Bright Union and its Affiliates in relation to the coverage purchased at the offering platform and any claims in relation thereto.

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