Bright Union has the goal to help developers connect to the entire DeFi insurance landscape in the easiest way possible. Instead of building and maintaining integrations with multiple risk platforms you only have to worry about a single integration. On top of that, we add the possibility to always find the best offer across all risk platforms.

We allow two methods of integrations for various use-cases:

Methods of integration

Contract integration: At Bright Union we believe in decentralization and integrating on contract level. We strive to make all features available through a direct integration through a contract ABI so your organization can directly integrate on the contract level. Currently, we are live across multiple networks (currently Ethereum, Polygon and BSC).

Most processes of the risk platforms are on-chain. As the industry is maturing there are some notable exceptions: Nexus Mutual and InsurAce currently do their pricing off-chain, hence we have an API available for this process step. Both parties have indicated to move towards a full on-chain experience in the near future.

@brightunion/sdk javascript integration: We also make your life easy in case you are looking to integrate decentralized insurance into your application. The Bright.js library will make it possible to easily interact with our contracts on any chain.

Take a look and feel of the potential the SDK brings when it returns all covers owned across all chains and distributors supported at:

Integration use-cases at the protocol level

View cover portfolio

Enable your application to show which covers an address has bought. The ABI will provide the covered protocol, amount of assets covered, and expiry date.

// Get covers from address by distributor
 function _getCoversCount(
           'nexus',                                       // distributor name
            0x78766c9Dc71f1278Cd04CeDA6DA1Ebab4838353d,   // owner ethereum address
            true                                          // boolean, active covers

Compare covers:

Enable your application to show which protocols are available to buy. The ABI will provide protocol, insurance platform, price, available capacity.

Buy covers:

Enable your application to sell insurance covers. Once users connect their wallets they can buy any available covers from any of our partners.

// Buy Cover Solidity example

 function buyCover(
    'bridge',                                    // distributor name
     0x71D6a3a982551dC10615ba9fFFbD3c050,        // cover contract address
     0xEeeeeEeeeEeEeeEeEeEeeEEEeeeeEeeeeeeeEEeE, // currency used
     100000000,                                  // Sum covered
     180,                                        // cover period in days
     1,                                          // product type
     180000000000,                               // price with fee
     data                                        // web3.eth.encode(data))

We will allow our partners to share in our success. Please contact our commercial team for a fee-sharing agreement for each insurance policy sold through the integration.


@brighunion/SDK JS code-example: @brightunion/src/server.js

Swagger API documentation:

Important contracts: @brightunion/contracts

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