Be part of the success of Bright Union

What is the BRIGHT token?

BRIGHT is a utility token (a.k.a. crypto currency) which can be traded with anyone on the blockchain. The token is the foundation of the Bright Union Protocol and will help Bright Union to accelerate the entire market for decentralized risk products.

Why buy BRIGHT tokens:

  • Share in the success of Bright Union: Part off the sales proceeds will be used to buy-back BRIGHT tokens in the market

  • Empower the industry: The treasury of Bright Union will be used to invest in risk pools of various risk platforms to accelerate the crypto risk markets and earn a return

  • Join the Union: Users who stake BRIGHT tokens can vote on various important decisions regarding the platform (coming soon)

  • Membership access: Users who stake BRIGHT tokens can enjoy priority access to our regular products and are eligible for Bright Union’s premium services (coming soon)

(More details on BRIGHT tokens can be found here)

How to buy BRIGHT tokens? - YouTube tutorial

BRIGHT tokens can be swapped on Uniswap, a decentralized trading platform on the Ethereum blockchain. In the future BRIGHT will become available on centralized exchanges (Kraken, Binance, ...).

Buy BRIGHT on Uniswap (See screenshots below)

  1. Ensure prerequisites are in order (Scroll down to learn how to install MetaMask and buy Ether)

  2. Go to the UniSwap page to exchange ETH to BRIGHT(link to Uniswap page)

    • {After launch}You can also find this link on the Stake Bright section of the app(link to page) and on the homepage of

    • In case you can't automatically find the BRIGHT token, search this token address 0xbeab712832112bd7664226db7cd025b153d3af55(This address is for the testnet) in the "select a token" section

  3. Press "Connect to a wallet" in the top-right corner and select metamask

  4. Login to MetaMask with your password and select the account holding your Ether tokens

  5. Select the amount of Ether (top) to swap against BRIGHT (Bottom)

  6. Confirm Swap in Uniswap interface

  7. Confirm transaction in MetaMask wallet

  8. Add BRIGHT to your Metamask wallet for easy tracking

  9. Confirm transaction in "Activity" section of Metamas

  10. Congratulations! You are a proud owner of your first BRIGHT tokens


Make sure you use Version 2 of Uniswap

In case you can't find BRIGHT token search on address: {To be updated}

For testnet addresses look at the bottom of this page

Stake your BRIGHT to become part of the success of Bright Union and earn a return (read more)


  1. Install Metamask add-on in your browser Metamask is a safe & anonymous wallet which let's you interact with the Ethereum blockchain

    1. Use an updated & modern browser (Chrome or Firefox)

    2. Install Metamask (e.g. for chrome)

    3. Write down your "secret passphrase" and password on a piece of paper and store it safely

  2. Buy Ether (ETH) Ether is the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain. In order to process transaction on the blockchain a gas cost needs to be paid in Ether. In order to buy BRIGHT tokens you will need to get Ether first: Both to "Swap" Ether for BRIGHT and to run the transaction

    1. Register to a centralized exchange and go through the KYC process (name + copy of ID)

    2. Buy Ether using a fiat (e.g. Euro or Dollar) currency

    3. Transfer your Ether from the exchange to your Metamask wallet. In case use use Kraken, as in the example below: Press withdrawal in the "Funding" menu to take your Ether from Kraken to your MetaMask wallet

    4. Confirm Withdrawal

    5. Congratulations! You have successfully transferred crypto currency to your Metamask wallet


  1. Go to Stake BRIGHT in the application (link to page)

  2. Click the Swap button to go to the correct Uniswap page (In some cases scammers create a Uniswap pool for rake coins)

  3. Connect your Metamask wallet (see "prerequisites" on this page for more details)

  4. Select the amount of BRIGHT (top) to swap against Ether (Bottom)

  5. Confirm Swap in Uniswap interface and Metamask

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