Don-Key finance collaboration FAQ

Bright Union and Don-Key finance collaborate to include DeFi insurance in the asset management customer journey

Why are Bright Union and Don-Key collaborating?

More about the collaboration can be found on medium.

What covers will be offered?

The coverage provided to Don-Key investors are from protocol. In case one of these protocols is subject to a smart contract hack you will be able to claim your losses at the InsurAce website. More details on the exact insurance policy can be found here:

For what amount will I be insured?

You will be insured for the full 100% of your initial investment.

How can I extend my policy after the first month?

After the first month you can go to the strategy page on the Don-Key finance website and select to extend your policy. Unfortunately as of today it is not possible to select a point in time in the future to have your insurance be extended automatically. Our insurance partners are working hard on this.

My cover is bought on another chain then my investment, is this a problem?

No, your assets are protected on any of the chains the protocol you cover is active on.

Where can I see that my strategy is insured?

To see the covers you bought you can go the strategy page on Don-key, to or

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