Stake liquidity pool

Provide liquidity for trading BRIGHT and ETH pair on UniSwap

What is Uniswap?

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum Network. It allows anyone to create a pool with a pair of tokens which can be exchanged against each other. Once the pool is created liquidity can be added - which means that sufficient tokens of each pair need to be added - so that the community can start trading. Whoever added liquidity to the pool will earn a small transfer fee for every transaction in the pool. As the community adds more liquidity, the pool becomes 'deeper' and price volatility of the token pair becomes less.

Providing liquidity to a Uniswap pool doesn't come without risks and therefore we only suggest advanced DeFi users to engage in this.

Why do I earn rewards for staking BRIGHT/ETHUniV2 tokens?

Everyone trading BRIGHT tokens (buyers and sellers) benefit from a deeper pool with less price volatility. It means that your transaction will have less impact on the market price of BRIGHT which especially impacts larger transaction amounts.

Bright Union would like to reward the community for providing BRIGHT and ETH tokens to the Uniswap pool. Since the user provided BRIGHT and ETH (with the same value) the APY is double the APY of staking BRIGHT with Bright Union.

How to provide liquidity and stake BRIGHT/ETHUniV2

Staking in Uniswap pools comes with a number of risks which need to be well understood before proceeding. The Bright Union team recommends only experienced DeFi users to stake liquidity pools

  1. Buy BRIGHT tokens (link to guide)

  2. Stake BRIGHT and ETH tokens on Uniswap and receive BRIGHT/ETHUniV2 Pool Tokens (see warning above)

  3. Go to Stake BRIGHT in the application (link to page)

  4. Connect to your Metamask wallet (link to guide)

  5. Press "Stake" in the Stake BRIGHT/ETHUniV2 section of the interface and select an amount

  6. Approve spending of BRIGHT token in your Metamask wallet (~??K GigaWei gas cost)

  7. Approve the transaction in your Metamask wallet (~89K GigaWei gas cost)

  8. Congratulations! You are now earning a transfer fee on Uniswap for providing liquidity and rewards from Bright Union.

How is the APY and my staking return calculated?

The Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is the rewards the user receives for staking BRIGHT/ETHUniV2 tokens for an entire year as a percentage of the amount staked. The APY is a dynamic number which can increase or decrease based on the total amount being staked by all users together.

Users staking BRIGHT/ETHUniV2 are not only earning rewards in the Bright Union application, but also earning a trading fee (~0.5% of trading volume * % of pool they own) on Uniswap

Tokens released per block per year: Bright Union will release 0.25 BRIGHT token for each block released on the Ethereum Blockchain (~every 12 seconds). This amount can be adjusted through votes of the DAO. Blocks Per Year: There are roughly 2.3M blocks released per year. This implies that nearly 600K BRIGHT tokens are released per year. This is roughly ~0.5% of the total supply per year (which is available after 3 years). Total Liquidity Staked: The total amount of UNIBRIGHT tokens staked by all users together denominated in BRIGHT tokens BRIGHT/ETHUniV2Value : The value of UNIBRIGHT denominated in BRIGHT tokens.

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