Interact with the BrightUnion Protocol

Adding a new distributor

In order to add a new service provider, a new smart contract must implement the BrightUnion interface to comply with the BrightUnion protocol and interact in its registry. The following steps are an overview to get this done:

  1. Create a new smart contract

  2. Extend the BrightUnion interface inside the new contract

  3. Implement and adjust the interface required methods

  4. Make sure you comply with the interface by returning output to expose the service data

  5. Deploy the contract and save the contract address

  6. Add the contract address with its distributor name as a key into the protocol's registry contract

    { name: newDistributor, address: 0x0123... }

  7. Test integration by querying the newly added address inside the Distributors.sol contract using the new distributor's name.

Make sure to follow the interface method signature (params & return types) even if they are not used in your functions.

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