Bright Union

Bright Interface

The BrightUnion interface represents the main protocol's signature for distributors to implement and be able to provide & interact with the common protocol services.
We have identified the common use cases the risk coverage vendors offer and we enclose them into a single smart contract as well as a single response data model.
struct Cover {
bytes32 coverType;
uint256 productId;
bytes32 contractName;
uint256 coverAmount;
uint256 premium;
address currency;
address contractAddress;
uint256 expiration;
uint256 status;
address refAddress;
IDistributor.CoverQuote coverDetails;
The Blue Bright contract implements the Bright interface with the following use cases:
Use Case
View Portfolio
Show all covers owned by an address
Distributor/Protocol Name & Ethereum address
List of coverages owned by address ordered by distributor
View product catalog
Display all products available from any distributor
Distributor/Protocol Name & Network name
Product list
Get quotation
Get quotations on requested products
Product Id, coverage term, & currency
Detailed quote of product
Buy coverage
Ability to coverage on chain
Procut Id, coverage term , currency & owners'saddress
Transaction receipt & a new cover under the portafolio tab