Bright Union Protocol

The Bright Union protocol is a set of solidity upgradable contracts that offer easy integration of insurance coverage services from multiple risk platforms in a single protocol.

The protocol implements an independent aggregator pattern that allows for seamless onboarding of any new risk platform on a multi-block-chain approach over a hybrid mix of on and off-chain interactions.

Risk platforms currently supported:

  • Insurace DeFi

  • Nexus Mutual

  • Bridge Mutual

The protocol is available to interact with blockchain services on the following networks and it's respective testing environments:

  • Ethereum main network

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Polygon network

High-level overview - Contract components

  1. Distributors registry contract Storage contract to keep record & control of all distributor's contract addresses.

  2. Bright Union service interface Service signature to be implemented by any new distributor.

  3. Distributor contract Bright Interface implementation of specific distributor logic OR service wrapper contract.

  4. Upgradable proxies Upgrade Proxies from all contract components.

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